Lois Neville

Lois Neville has the soul of an adventurer. The 85-year-old Sedona resident is a former Registered Nurse and pilot, an avid hiker and snow skier, and works out at the gym three times a week. She’s also the mother of four sons – three of them pilots.

While on a trip with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Emory University, she started waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with her heart racing uncontrollably. “It scared me,” Lois says. “I tried to handle it myself by sitting up in bed, drinking my sports drink and practicing relaxation techniques. Eventually it went away.”

But after a few more episodes that didn’t go away as easily, her primary care physician referred Lois to Dr. Bruce Peek at the Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona.

She was prescribed medication to prevent future episodes, and that allowed her to stay active. “I told Dr. Peek I didn’t want to take medication that would cause me to sit around and watch the world go by. When I go, it’s going to be with my boots on – either my hiking boots or my ski boots!”

Lois says her dream was to climb Mt. Whitney in California. It has the highest summit in the contiguous U.S. “Physically I was in good shape and I was working hard to get ready for the hike. Dr. Peek encouraged me and said, ‘Go for it,’ so my dream came true,” Lois says. Together with three of her sons, she completed the hike at age 82.

“Dr. Peek is so kind, caring and sensitive to my needs,” Lois says. “I can’t sing his praises enough. He knew my desire was to keep living an active life, and with the medication he prescribed, I’m still able to do that. He’s taken all the fear out of me,” Lois says.

Now, Lois has another dream – to sky dive. She plans on fulfilling it soon.