Jack Brewer

“My family helped pioneer Sedona.And the physicians at the Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona are pioneering excellent cardiovascular care.”

— Jack Brewer, President, Brewer Brothers Contracting

Jack Brewer is a fourth generation Sedona native – the town’s Brewer Road was named after his great grandfather, a cattle rancher. Jack has seen the region grow in size and sophistication, including its excellent healthcare system, which he experienced firsthand.

Last April, Jack felt dizzy and passed out. His wife was able to revive him and rush him to Verde Valley Medical Center, where the Heart and Vascular Center of Northern Arizona specialists were waiting.

The Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona conducted several tests. “I was shocked to learn it was my heart – I don’t have any family history of heart disease,” Jack says. I stayed overnight, but before being released the next morning, I passed out again. My pulse was below 60 and my heart was skipping beats. It turned out my heart had a “short circuit”.

Samuel Butman, M.D., an interventional cardiologist with the HVCNA team, arranged for Jack to have a two-chamber pacemaker placed that morning, and Jack was on the road to recovery. “My care was awesome. Everybody was really nice. They helped save my life and here I am, still standing, so I can’t complain.”